Aztec Dress

Dress: Vero Moda. Cardigan: Primark. Hat: Ebay. Shoes: Tesco. Rings: Topshop, ebay, markets, gifts, Primark.

I fell in love with this dress after seeing it on the ultra stylish Nicola Claire. It's a fab dress, I have to say. I'm planning on wearing it on my birthday on Monday. It's very versatile, it looks fab on it's own but is also great for layering. I love it cos it's fitted but not too tight so it doesn't make my bum look big! I find that this sort of dress is the only style I can look good in as I'm so short, anything with flare will make me look really young and I already get people thinking I'm under 18 as it is! I'm 25 on Monday!!

I've also decided I need some new shoes/boots. I'm thinking either the Ambush ones from Topshop in black as I know I'll never take them off or some platform boots with a pretty high heel as I'm sick of being small! So far my online searching hasn't come up with much, point me in the direction of some nice block heel platform ankle boots guys, I'm desperate!!

I'm going shopping on Friday with my boyfriend and he's buying me an eternity ring for my birthday, I'm very excited! Hopefully I'll also come home with some new items to showcase. I'm planning on some leather trousers/jeans/leggings. I ordered some from H&M but they were about 5inches too long for me so I ended up sending them back :( Why do shops only cater for hugely tall people? In reality most people are pretty short, so it doesn't make much sense!

Anyway that's enough from me for now. I'll speak to you all soon!


  1. Love the colors in your outfit! The turqoise and red go so well together.

    :D Maggie

  2. Hi! I send you a comment awhile ago about guest posting! If you are still interested here is a link to a page with what you would do, I do two guest post series so you can choose to do either one. One is a personal style post, the other is a trend report... I think a personal style one on you would be great!!!

    Here's the link!

    Have a great day :)

  3. I saw that dress on Nicola Claire too it looks gorgeous on you love how you styled it. I see you are wearing the ring I hate that Topshop jewellery rusts so quick such a shame xoxo

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