Instagram #1

1. Roses from my boyfriend. 2. New Christmas tree decorations. 3. Me and my friend Sammy in Nottingham. 4. A little note my boyfriend left me on my pillow. 5. Behind The Scenes on a recent shoot for Harper Collins publishers. 6. Me & my fave season.

Like most people I'm completely addicted to my iPhone and I take pics of EVERYTHING! Here's a few pics of my recent goings on via Instagram! If you want to follow me on there my username is heatherlouisephotography

Pic 5 is a shot from behind the scenes of a recent shoot I did for the rather famous book publishers Harper Collins. I was asked to shoot a photo for a book cover which will be released next year. Very exciting!!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Congrats on the book cover, that's amazing! The roses from your boyf are lovely xx

  2. i am obsessedddddddd with instagram photos! i swear I want an iphone just so I can do this! AH!
    and congrats on your book cover :)


  3. I love instagram I find I am taking more pictures because of it. Congrats on your book cover how amazing is that xoxo

  4. Hey hun the lead singer of HIM designed that symbol I was not sure if anyone would really know so I did not mention it I do like there music but that was not the reason I got it I love what it means :). Do you like there music??? xoxo

  5. congrats on the book cover! love your blog, you've gained another follower!



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