Introducing Spirit Child Jewellery

Hi everyone!

I have been working on a little shop for a few weeks now and it's finally opened after weeks of trying to think of a name, the hardest bit. I eventually went for Spirit Child Jewellery. You all know I love everything bohemian and hippy looking so I have created some lovely little friendship bracelets and other pieces that are on their way. I would love it if you all checked it out and tell me what you think!

Also, if you enter discount code WELCOME at the checkout you get 10% off until midnight on June 6th. Also as a thank you to all my followers I will have a discount code esp for you in a few weeks and a future giveaway too so keep an eye out for that!! I ship worldwide too so it's not just for us UKer's!

Check out my shop here.

Have a great weekend everyone!




Top/Dress - Primark (old)
Shoes - Primark
Head chain - Little Teacup
Necklace - Topshop
Sunglasses - M&S
Bracelets - Spirit Child & eBay, Primark, Accessorize.
Rings - eBay & Daisy Jewellery

I've had this top for years and never worn it. No idea why as I love it now and it makes me want to go on holiday. I have discovered that my legs aren't as bad as I thought after years of wearing jeans all summer, I have now tanned them up slightly and have had them on display to the world for the past week. This is new to me and I'm rather enjoying embracing my naked legs haha.

Meet my new favourite necklace I got the other day. I found it on sale in Topshop reduced from £25 to £10. It was bought with a few other things attached to it but it looked a little over the top so as soon as I got it home I took it apart and got a necklace and bracelet out of it so it was quite a bargain really. Expect this to be around my neck all summer!

As you can see I'm also sporting my new Little Teacup head chain. I've had my eye on it for a while and I finally ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday, how good is that?! They have some lovely jewellery so make sure you check them out.

It's been lovely weather this past week here in England and as you know I'm not a fan of summer too much but I've had a few days off work and enjoyed sitting in the garden, eating fruit and ice cream and sitting outside the pub at night with my man! I hope you're all enjoying the weather too! xoxox


Instagram #3

1. The back of my camera on a recent shoot. 2. Me. 3. Roses from my boyfriend. 4. My blossom tree. 5. Sleeping beauty. 6. The new chiminea. 7. Make up. 8. Blossom feet. 9. Make up I did on a recent shoot. 10. Behind the scenes on a shoot I did make up for. 11. Newark Castle. 12. Handmade friendship bracelets I'll be selling soon!

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Black Magic

Top - Evil Twin via ASOS
Kimono - Reverse
Shorts - Levi's
Shoes - eBay
Hat - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - Lindex

I have been longing for this top for ages so when I found it in the sale for £17.50 I had to snap it up. Looks like a got the last one as it's now sold out.

Meet my new boots! They are faux Lita's from eBay and cost me £30, what a bargain. I'm glad I got them as they are alot easier to walk in than I expected and make me alot taller, great for nights out where I always get asked for ID at the age of 25!

I got this kimono in a sale too and it's amazing. I just wish the weather would warm up so I can wear it more often. I'm totally in love with it, I love anything with tassels! I'm glad that my hat goes with it too as it's quite an autumn/winter colour so I'm glad theres a burnt orange colour in the kimono meaning I can wear my beloved hat in summer too!

It's not often that I'm wearing everything new in one outfit. Although my tights are now 7 years old! 7 YEARS OLD!!! I bought them in 2005 in Helsinki and they have lasted me this long which I think is a complete miracle. Now if they were from Topshop they would have laddered by the first wear so I must get some more next time I'm in Helsinki. I adore the pattern on them.

Right I have ranted on for long enough! Check out my last post as I'm selling a pair of Levi shorts you may like!



Casual Black

Jumper - H&M
Jacket - New Look
Jeans - Primark
Boots - Topshop
Scarf - ASDA
Bag - eBay

Just a casual going to town outfit, the weather is as always rubbish so nothing too amazing!!



Planet Blue

Planet Blue's lookbook photos are always amazing, but my jaw dropped when I saw these photos! The hair, the cloths, the accessories, everything is perfect, the colours are all stunning. This is totally making me want pink and purple hair and I am loving the glittery eyes!

I'll be back soon with an outfit post, when the weather brightens up!