Yesterday me, my mum, brother and boyfriend got in the car and took a road trip to London. I haven't been to London for 18 months so it was nice to be back in the capital for the day. We spent the day walking around seeing the sights that we've seen a million times before. We went to Westminster, Soho and Oxford Street. I was highly unimpressed with Forever 21, it wasn't a patch on the Dublin store but Urban Outfitters impressed me for the first time ever, some lovely pieces in there! Primark was my idea of hell on earth, I escaped as soon as possible, it was boiling in there and everyone was going crazy with baskets full of stuff. I saw one thing I wanted but I couldn't get anywhere near it! Totally uneventful in terms of shopping, didn't buy anything at all apart from a keyring to add to my collection. (I always get a keyring from nice places I go to!)

I planned my outfit around the hat as it's pretty rare I'll wear it around here! I went for shorts as I wear jeans far too often and of course my trusty Topshop boots! The scarf is my mums but I had to steal it, it's so pretty, loving the tassles and it doubles up as a nice shawl for when it gets chilly on the way home!

Shorts : Primark
Boots : Topshop
Scarf : Primark
Jacket : New Look
Jumper : M&S
Hat : Dorothy Perkins
Necklace : Topman
Bag : Mischa Barton @ ASOS

I've been naughty and ordered a few things online recently but I'm sending them all back tomorrow! How upsetting! I ordered a dress from boohoo, decided it wasn't my colour and ordered another I found which doesn't fit so I'm getting that in a size 10 instead. I had a moment of thinking I was thinner than I am clearly haha! I also ordered a black maxi skirt but I can't decide whether to keep it. I love it but it's pretty fitter and the problem is always VPL!! Disaster! Fat pants anyone?!

Right I've rambled on enough now (the football is on so I'm killing time until it goes off!!) so I'll love you and leave you!

Have a nice week. xoxox


Dawntroversial Shoes

I stumbled across these adorable My Little Pony shoes on Facebook and had to show you all! They are by Dawntroversial Shoes and I think they are so cute and I love the colour! They were seen on many people on London Fashion Week too! Check them out on Facebook here!!

Me being a tiny person and being mistaken for a 16 year old many a time I don't think I could pull them off but I'm sure someone a little taller than me would rock these! If I was a little taller and less child looking I'd wear them with a dip hem maxi dress and a leather jacket to toughen them up. Someone please buy these, I'd love to see an outfit post with these being worn!

Check them out on Facebook, they have other awesome shoes too!!

I'm off to London on Tuesday for the day, hoping to get myself to Forever 21 while I'm there and I'll try and get some outfit pics too!



Instagram #2

Everyone is doing it so here's my latest Instagram pics!
1. me and my man. 2. me with my boyfriend's new album. 3. album release party with my mum and gran. 4. my doggy on the internet!
5. Me 6. new earrings. 7. got my mum an iPhone. 8. me and my furry sister.
9. pout. 10. Katie's new jumper, how cute?! 11. work work work. 12. Winter walkies.

Instagram - heatherlouisephotography


Happy Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely day whether you've been with your other half, with friends or family! I've just spent the day shopping with my man and we had a pub dinner and a Costa coffee. Perfect day! Tonight we're just chilling with some food and tv! It's our 4th anniversary in 2 weeks, where did the time go?!

Old pics of us from last summer, need to get some more done, I don't have a fringe anymore!!


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New Hat

Jumper : Forever 21
Coat : Topshop (old)
Fur : H&M
Boots : Topshop
Hat : Dorothy Perkins
Necklace : Topman

I took my doggy a walk today with my mum on the park behind our house and I got her to take some pics of me, I love the snow and have to have pics every time it snows!! My dog also loves the snow, she's nearly 15 and still runs around like a puppy, bless her!

I got my new hat in the sale in Dorothy Perkins, reduced from £19.50 to a mere £5, of course I had to have it! I absolutely love it although I won't get much wear out of it living in Mansfield, the town of chavs (as seen on Coppers on tv if anyone has seen it and the home of the Euromillions winners!) but nevermind. It goes so well with my Forever 21 jumper I got back in the summer in Dublin.

My dad is making 'healthy ice cream' from Jamie Oliver's cookbook right now, I can't wait to try it!! It's so easy to make...Fat free natural yoghurt and frozen raspberries (or any other frozen fruit) blended with a food processor. Maybe something more suited to the summer but I won't turn it down!

Right better get back to work....!



Redrock Fashion

I was recently contacted by the lovely owner of Redrock fashion who asked me if I wanted to do a little feature on the brand. Of course I said yes!

Redrock has been around for about 2 years and already has celeb clients such as Peaches Geldof, Paloma Faith, Elen Rivas, Lauren Pope & Audrey Kitching. You'll also see their clothes on many a fashion blogger. They specialise in vintage and re-worked clothing from the 60's-90's and if you're a vintage fan I think you should check them out as I'm sure you'll find something you'll love.

Here are a few of my fave pieces from their website.

Check out this dress! This is right up my street, tassels are of course amazing and you could really glam up this dress for a night out with some heels and tons of jewellery. Of course it would also look amazing in the summer with some sandals, sunglasses and a cowboy hat!

This jumper really caught my eye. I love the 80's but this also looks modern and not far from what you'd see on the high street. I would wear this with levi's cut offs and black tights or with skinnies and heels. This is also an item you could dress up or down which I love!

How cute is this? I love the colours although I don't think it's something I could wear, I can think of a few people who would look fab in it! Perfect for summer with a cropped denim jacket.

If you want to check out Redrock click here and also like their facebook page here.