Secret Garden

Kimono - Band of Gypsies @ ASOS
Vest - Next
Shorts - Primark
Boots - Topshop
Bag - eBay
Belt - ASOS
Jewellery - Spirit Child Jewellery, Wavy Jewellery, Next, Accessorize, Menorca, Daisy Jewellery.

Here's my Band of Gypsies kimono again. Perfect for throwing over a vest to nip out in the sun. I don't like going out with too much arm on show!! These photos were taken in my gran's garden, it has loads of secret parts to it, I love it. How does she get her grass so green?!

As you can see I'm wearing my new Wavy Jewellery items I won through their giveaway. I won 2 bracelets and an above knuckle ring and I love them, you should definitely check out their shop if you haven't already, I'll definitely be buying some things in future and the prices are so good too!

I've been thinking of changing the name of my blog. I came up with the name Studs and Lace when I was more into well, studs and lace haha. My blog doesn't feature alot of that anymore, I want more of a simple name. Any suggestions anyone?!

Right I'm off to tan my legs some more after seeing these pics!!



Band of Gypsies

Kimono - Band of Gypsies @ ASOS
Shoes - Matalan
Bag - eBay
Jeans - Primark
Sunglasses - M&S
Belt - River Island

Isn't Band of Gypsies an awesome name for a clothing line?! I got this kimono in the ASOS sale for £15. Loving the print and it was perfect for today's weather. Today was one of the those days where I couldn't find a top to wear so I ended up in a boring old vest, I hate those days. I also couldn't find a necklace I wanted to wear either. Not my day today obviously, so this outfit is pretty boring apart from the kimono. I did see an ex from about 7 years ago (jesus, where did that time go?!) on my travels and was pleased it was on a day I had made an effort and I wasn't on a quick Tesco run with no make up on, can you imagine the horror?! I couldn't go into town without picking up some sale bargains, got a few things that I shall be saving for Autumn which you'll see on my blog then! xoxo


Disco Version 2

Disco pants - Glamorous UK
Boots - Topshop
Tee - ASDA
Waistcoat - Primark (old)
Necklace - Topshop
Hat - Select
Earrings - Spirit Child
Bracelets - eBay, Spirit Child, Menorca.
Rings - eBay, gift, Daisy Jewellery.

Meet my new blue disco pants. I am totally in love with these. I sent my black ones back as they were too tight and not black enough, then Glamorous added the blue ones so I snapped them up. Even though they are the same size as the black, they fit alot better. There's probably a cm in it but that cm made all the difference! I love how thin they make me feel despite them being so skin tight! The only thing is....major hideous VPL! Someone please tell me what underwear you wear under these?!

These earrings are from my little shop Spirit Child Jewellery. I made them yesterday and they're available with a variety of charms, check them out, only £3.75! Lots of new stuff is being added soon as well!

I'll leave you with a few outtakes. Yes I'm silly!


Style Crush 1 : Giselle @ Style of a Fashionista

This is a new feature on my blog. We all have style crushes, those girls who look immaculate ALL the time. You want to steal their entire wardrobe. You wish you looked that good everyday...you know the ones!

So here's the first instalment of Style Crush.

Fashion blogger Giselle from Style of a Fashionista is, I think, my all time favourite blogger. Every single outfit she posts is absolutely perfect in every way. She has a beautiful, unique, bohemian style that I love to pieces and I always look forward to a new post on her blog. She has some amazing accessories and is very good at DIY fashion too. Go and check out her blog to see some of her gorgeous shorts she's customised herself, impressive right?!

Here's a just a few of my favourite outfits from her recent blog posts.

I love how Giselle styles her outfits, everything goes so well together and she just looks amazing. If you like what you see go and check out her blog here.

More Style Crushes next month!



I'm back! It's been a long time since I last posted an outfit, infact it was way back when we had the one week of summer back at the end of May. Who is getting really annoyed with this rain now? I have bought so many clothes that are just hanging there waiting to be worn. My mum and dad have just flown off to Menorca for a week and I'm wishing I had gone with them, instead I'm sat at home babysitting my doggy! I'm hoping to get away somewhere (I'm hoping for Ibiza) with my boyfriend sometime this 'summer' though. Anyway, it's as always chucking it down so I've opted for indoor photos today, which I'm not a fan of but what can you do?!

As you can see I'm wearing DISCO PANTS! However these aren't American Apparel Disco Pants. I just couldn't bring myself to spend £70 on a pair of trousers, albeit, lovely, amazing, shiny, trousers but still...£70?! Nah, not for me. So anyway, I was very surprised and happy when I found out that Glamorous UK had their own version which by the way, are pretty much the same and a whole £40 cheaper. Yes please! So if you fancy some amazing disco pants but can't afford £70 then get yourself over to Glamorous UK, they also do a pewter version. If they had these in blue or purple, I'd have some of those too! (They are currently sold out, not surprising, I'm sure they'll be back in stock soon!)

This jumper is my 2nd fave item after my disco pants at the moment. I got it for £7 in the Tesco sale and it is just amazing, the quality is really good and it's such a nice colour. I wish they'd had my size in the turquoise one too.

Also check out my guest post over at Chelsea Jade Loves.

Disco Pants - Glamorous UK
Jumper - Tesco
Necklace - The Native State
Boots - Topshop
Headchain - Little Teacup.


My Wavy Jewellery Wishlist

I'm sure most of you have heard of Wavy Jewellery, and if not then you need to check them out. Wavy are currently running a giveaway where you can win your top 3 items from their shop! Below are my 3 favourites!

Check out Wavy Jewellery here

Black Suede Skull Bracelets.

Above knuckle ring.

Peace Bracelet.

It's difficult to chose just 3 as everything on the shop is so lovely!! Bloggers, head over to the Wavy blog to enter!!