It's that time of year again, my fave time of year, Halloween! On Friday I went to stay with some friends of friends in North Wales and we went to a Halloween gig. It was an awesome night, we all dressed up and got a bit drunk and ended up being stuck at the venue in the middle of nowhere as the taxi didn't turn up. When we finally made it back me and my boyfriend had a little problem with the blow up bed...the pump stopped working when it was half blown up. It was a hilarious experience getting on the bed, he got on it making my side go up in the air so it was rather difficult for me to get on....as I was a little drunk at the time I found it funnier than it probably was and just could not stop laughing!!

My boyfriend isn't one for dressing up but we decided to go as the Corpse Bride & Groom. I love dressing up!!

Last night we also ended up going out at our local pub and I decided on a different costume. I love Day Of The Dead make up, its so awesome and creative. This time I'm kind of a Day Of The Dead Bride I guess!

What did you all dress up as? Technically it's not Halloween til tomorrow but I think most people have been out this weekend.

In other news, I now have a MacBook Pro!! I'm so happy to finally have one, I had to many problems with my old laptop, it's nice to have a shiny, new, amazing one!!

Hope you all have/had a fun Halloween, I'll be back with an outfit post soon, I have been doing a bit of online shopping this week so I have a few new items to showcase!

Lotsa love xoxox

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  1. I like both but second is better :)

    Cheers from Poland



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