Hey everyone, sorry I've been away for a while, the weather is rubbish at the moment so I haven't been able to get out and take any photos, don't wanna get my new camera wet!! It's so disappointing that I've bought loads of pretty new clothes for the summer and haven't been able to wear any of them yet! Typical English weather for you. I'll be back soon though!

Check out my new bargain jumper I got in the Tesco sale for £7!

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Dress - Primark
Shoes - eBay
Belt - Primark
Waistcoat - New Look
Bracelets - Spirit Child, Accessorize, eBay, Next, Primark.
Headband - DIY

I have wanted a dip hem dress or skirt for ages but every one I've tried on has looked ridiculous on me. I actually walked past this dress as I didn't know if I liked the print but my mum said I should try it so I did and loved it! Think I'll be wearing this quite a bit in the summer!

Hope you all had a great jubilee weekend!



Sunnier Days

Top - H&M
Shorts - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Sunglasses - M&S
Bracelets - Spirit Child, H&M, eBay, Accessorize.

I took these photos last week when it was lovely weather, now it's raining and dull again! I got this top for a bargain £4.99 in H&M the other day, can you believe the price?! I've been wearing these shorts a lot recently (until the sun went in) and I looove them, they have little pearls stuck to them!

Incase you haven't noticed I have my ombre hair back, did it last week and I'm so glad it's back!

Right this is just a quick one today, off out with the boyfriend now!

Hope you're all having a nice jubilee weekend.