The Royal Wedding Fashion

I'm not the first and I certainly won't be the last to blog about the Royal Wedding!

Most of the attention was on Kate's dress, which of course is stunning. I'm going to blog about some of the best of worst outfits of the day.

Of course I can't do a royal wedding post without mentioning the stunning dress Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen designed for Kate. Lace is my favourite fabric for wedding dresses and will definately feature on mine! I was very happy to see lace on her dress when she first got into the car this morning. It is a beautiful and elegant fabric fit for a Princess (or Dutchess, I'd prefer her to be a Princess myself!!) The dress had beautiful detailing without being over the top, it was elegant, modern but also timeless. The perfect dress for a Princess!

The Best Dressed
So I must say in my opinion, not alot to look at in the form of well dressed at this wedding! Here are my choices for best outfits!

The Bridesmaids & Pageboys.

I thought Kate's sister Pippa looked lovely in her Alice Temperley dress, very elegant and beautiful. The little bridesmaids dresses were perfect and went really well with Kate's dress. The pageboys looked awesome as well!!

Carole Middleton

Kate's mum looked lovely. I think the Middleton's won over the Royals with their outfits by far. They looked so stylish!

The Worst Dressed

Princesses Eugenie, left, and Beatrice, right.
What can I say....dreadful. I'm not sure what Beatrice is wearing on her head but it looks like a lobster. Not a good look. Winners of the worst dressed!!

Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Definately too much blue here. I really don't like it!!

Victoria Beckham

I know she's pregnant but this dress is just horrible. I like her fascinator however and her shoes would be nice if they were a little lower. Hardly fit for a royal wedding!

So there you have it. Not alot of great outfits I'm afraid.

All hail Kate's beautiful McQueen dress.


Look Of The Day.

This was last nights outfit. I went to see my boyfriend's band playing at the pub down the road. They played outside so it was like a mini festival so I thought my new maxi would be perfect. Of course when I went out at 5pm it was sunny and warm so didn't think I'd bother taking out a cardigan. As soon as the sun went down at 8.30pm and the wind came out I was freeeeeezing! It was a great night anyway and I loved wearing my maxi dress.

Maxi Dress : Primark
Necklace : DIY from an old broken one
Bracelets : H&M, Primark
Sunglasses : M&S
Shoes : Matalan

Have you been wearing maxi dresses? Love or hate them?!

Heather xoxox


Look Of The Day.

Hey guys! New outfit post from me...this is last nights outfit, I went out with my boyfriend to our local pub which has just reopened. We had a nice night and I was slightly drunk. I must say I hardly ever drink these days so I'm a bit of a lightweight when I do!

I picked up this awesome vest from New Look the other day. As soon as I saw it I prayed they would have my size! It was a bargain £7.99 and I absolutely love it. I love Aztec prints at the moment so I was very pleased with this little number. I think it will be a staple piece in my summer wardrobe! I teamed it with my new current favourite jeans from Primark and my trusty black heels. I also had the chance to wear my newly fixed old necklace which goes perfectly! And of course my fave turquoise ring, which unfortunately broke last night! Hopefully I can fix that too.

My nail varnish, for anyone that's wondering is Nails Inc Montagu Place, one of my faves for the summer.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get to wear my new maxi to my boyfriends gig. We shall we what the weather is like.

Right, I'm off for an Easter Roast dinner cooked by my mum now, yum yum!



Look Of The Day.

A couple of days old but I've not had a chance to blog it yet! Just a casual outfit I wore to Sherwood Forest with my little cousins the other day. The picture on the right was taken in a dead part of the forest which had a creepy atmosphere, I loved it! I think the frost must have killed all the trees in that part!

Top - H&M
Cardigan - M&S
Jeans - Tesco
Bag - River Island
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses - M&S
Necklace - Ebay

Today I got a bargain plain black maxi dress from Primark for only £11. I've always facied one but thought I was too short as I'm only 5"2 but this one is the perfect length and shape for my size. So happy with it. I will blog it in a couple of days. Also discovered an old broken necklace from years ago which goes perfectly with it and matches my turquoise and silver ring I got from JWLRY so I fixed it! Very pleased!

See you in a few days with a maxi dress update!!

Have a lovely Easter weekend!



Look Of The Day.

I'm off out for a meal for a friend's birthday tonight with my boyfriend and his band so I thought I'd take some outfit pics! I love this floaty top from Primark, it was a bargain and is perfect for summer! It's so windy today hence the blurry bits of my top!! I think it looks quite cool though!

Top - Primark
Vest - Topshop
Jeans - Tesco
Shoes - Primark
Bracelets - H&M, Next.


Look Of The Day.

So today I was working doing bridal make up for a bride, her mum and her bridesmaid. It was seriously hot, I was stood by the window and was about ready to pass out! Had a lovely day though and they even paid me £15 more than they were meant to. Lovely people!

This is today's outfit.

Blouse - neverfullydressed.co.uk.
Skirt - New Look.
Sunglasses - Primark.
Shoes - Tesco.



Hey guys! I hope you're all well. Just a quick update from me. I was going to do some outfit photos this week but I had my fringe trimmed and my hairdresser cut it too short so I've been annoying with it all week. Bad hair days are terrible so no photos yet!

I'm very excited as this week I have got some new glasses and they are PRADA! I have had my eye on Prada glasses for years but they were always too expensive. Due to the fact I'm a complete bargain hunter I managed to get them for £130 included ultra thin lenses from the internet! The same ones were going to cost me £339 from D&A! I love a bargain! Here they are!

So tomorrow I'm off to do make up for a wedding. Will update again in a few days!
Have a nice weekend! xxx


Recent Purchases

I was going to do this post a few days ago but didn't get round to taking pics. Here is it anyway, my recent spring/summer buys!

Bracelets - all from H&M except the one with flowers which is from Next!

Kimono - Primark

Top - H&M

Sheer blouse - www.neverfullydressed.co.uk

Crop Top - Primark

Orange wedges - H&M

Ring - Dorothy Perkins. Belt/Headband - Primark

I'm pretty happy with all these things and can't wait to wear them in the summer!

I'll be back in a few days with an outfit post, see you then!
Heather xxx


Look Of The Day.

This got deleted from Lookbook...I don't know why! So here it is again!!

Hello to my newest followers!

Heather x x