I have become a little obsessed with Runwaydreamz shorts, how amazing are they?! They are rather expensive plus $20 shipping from LA but if I had over £100 to spend on a pair of shorts I'd so have some! Check them out here.

I've spent the past 2 nights bleaching, dyeing, studding & ripping my Levi's, I'll show you all the results in a few days! I'm quite pleased with the results!

Hope you're all having a nice week and hello to all my new followers!



Festival Chic

Festival Chic

Dorothy Perkins short sleeve tee
$17 - dorothyperkins.com

Links of London engraving jewelry
$250 - linksoflondon.com

Silver cross jewelry
85 SEK - ginatricot.com

LowLuv antique jewelry
$73 - shopthetrendboutique.com

CHRISTYS brim hat
£83 - harrods.com

I love these shorts and have decided I need to buy some Levi's and customise them myself since they are pretty expensive to buy. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with them so I'm gonna enjoy a bit of ripping and sewing!! However I'm not sure on sizing, what are Levi's sizing like? I bought this tee the other day, it's a lovely fabric and would love some tan boots! I'm not a big festival fan myself but I love the festival look and wouldn't mind going to Glastonbury one year just for the experience.


Today's outfit

I'm in the car on the way to Meadowhall to break my spending ban even more! It's getting boring now and I want some new things for the summer! I have my eye on a few items so I hope I can get them today.

Shorts - Topshop
Tights - Lindex
Top - Primark
Jacket - New Look
Fur - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Topshop
Rings - Daisy and eBay
Bracelets - eBay and River Island



I love my parka but it clearly makes me look young as when I went into Dorothy Perkins today (yes I've broken my spending ban oopppps!) the woman who served me was talking to me like I'd just left school. The very same woman just before Christmas thought I was 16. I find this highly irritating! Thats 9 years younger than I actually am! Still I must keep myself warm whether I look like a teenager or not!

This is todays outfit, I just nipped into town to close my Barclays account and to Tesco for some food. Of course I couldn't walk past Costa without having a sneaky gingerbread latte ;)

Parka - Falmers
Tshirt - Primark
Scarf - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Bag - Mischa Barton

Thanks to all my new followers who have joined over the last few days!!


New Scarf!

Just thought I'd share with you the item that broke my spending ban but not TOO much! I found this scarf yesterday in Primark and I had to have it as I knew it wouldn't be there when my ban is over. I was £4 so not too much of a breaker!! However I'm afraid I'm going to Meadowhall on Wednesday so I think it's inevitable I'll be spending some money that day! I've done quite well for an addict though I think haha!!

Hope you're having a nice Sunday, I'm just having a lazy day at my boyfriend's house (soon to be my house too!). xxx


Inspire me.

I'm sure you'll all think I'm crazy but I'm not a summer person at all. However I'm quite looking forward to getting out my boho style again this summer! Here's a few photos for inspiration!!

I joined BlogLovin

Hey guys,
Just a quickie today as I'm busy doing my books and updating stuff, I'm so behind on things!! I just joined bloglovin so make sure to follow me on there if you're a member!

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I have so many things on my ASOS save for later list and I wanna buy something but I'm being strong and keeping to my spending ban for now! The only thing is a few of the things I like are in the sale so I hope they are still there when I go to buy them! Fingers crossed they will be! I have been a bit naughty and bought some jewellery from ebay that came to £4 altogether but that doesn't count right? I needed earrings and bracelets ;)

Hope you're all having a nice January so far, I promise I'll be back soon with an outfit post!!

Lots of love xx


Rings & Rock!

I am a huge fan of rings. I am never seen without my rings, to me they are a necessity! These are my newest rings that I've been wearing for about a month none stop...

Black ring from Tentative Decisions Ebay
Stack rings from Daisy Jewellery

If you like turquoise, silver, stones etc I definitely think you should check out Tentative Decisions Ebay, I have 2 rings from there and paid £3.99 for them and they do not rust which is amazing! I have rings that cost £15 from Topshop that have gone a horrible colour within a week but these don't at all. She delivers really fast too!

I also recommend Daisy Jewellery, their rings are beautiful and look good on their own or stacked. My brother got the studded on for xmas and I got myself the other to go with it. I would love some more soon!

Rings, rings, rings....

Right I'm off to buy some more rings, see you all soon!!

PS Check out my boyfriend's band's new video on youtube...he's the singer!!


Spring Lust

I am a lover of the cold and dark clothes but I must admit some of the new things in for the Spring have me lusting after lighter colours....something new there!
I am loving the burnout tee from Topshop, I must get one as I love this sort of fabric and at £14 you can't go wrong. I love the pinks, corals and oranges here!
These ombre jeans from New Look are perfect for Spring and would look great with a loose jumper!
I love tops with a dip back and this would be great for day and night. Again from New Look.

I've also seen a few tops in Primark I would like to get once my spending ban is over! I am 10 days in and haven't spent a penny on clothes despite going into town twice this week. Doing well I think! I just hope the stuff I want is still in the shops when my ban is over or I'll be most annoyed!

What are you loving for the Spring?

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Have a nice week everyone!


Party dress

Hey everyone.

This is my first outfit post of 2012! Been busy with business stuff and website updating so haven't really been dressed in anything worth photographing recently! However I went out last night to a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend's band's manager and this is what I wore, it's not often I get to wear a dress! This is also what I wore on New Years Eve. I went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Nottingham with family. I highly recommend the place, the food is beautiful and I only paid £19 for a 3 course meal. Pretty good!

Dress : Topshop (LOVE Label)
Boots : Topshop
Jacket : New Look
Fur : H&M

Please excuse my big lions mane looking hair, I took these pics before I curled my hair and it looks a little wild! Getting it cut tomorrow at last!

I am on a spending ban for at least this month as I spend far too much on clothes. I went into town yesterday and resisted buying a top I liked so I'm doing quite well so far! I have seen a few things in the new spring/summer collections I wouldn't mind having so roll on the end of my spending ban!!

Hope you've all had a nice weekend!



Happy 2012

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for following my little blog throughout the year of 2011 !! xoxox