Instagram #1

1. Roses from my boyfriend. 2. New Christmas tree decorations. 3. Me and my friend Sammy in Nottingham. 4. A little note my boyfriend left me on my pillow. 5. Behind The Scenes on a recent shoot for Harper Collins publishers. 6. Me & my fave season.

Like most people I'm completely addicted to my iPhone and I take pics of EVERYTHING! Here's a few pics of my recent goings on via Instagram! If you want to follow me on there my username is heatherlouisephotography

Pic 5 is a shot from behind the scenes of a recent shoot I did for the rather famous book publishers Harper Collins. I was asked to shoot a photo for a book cover which will be released next year. Very exciting!!

Have a nice weekend!


I've been a bit bored of my hair for a while so I bought some dye from eBay and decided to do something different for a while. It's only semi permanent but I quite like it! The dye is La Riche Directions and it's £4 on eBay. Be careful of the colours though as I ordered one that looked like dark red, when it arrived it looked dark purple in the bottle and it came out pink! I love it though and it will probably only last a few weeks so why not?! Incase you want to know the colour, this one is called Rubine. Next I'm thinking pink, purple and turquoise together to match my tee in this pic, what do you think? My Motley Crue tee is from Amplified. xxx


Autumn Fur

Jumper : Primark. Waistcoat : Primark. Jeans : Topshop. Boots : Topshop. Scarf : Primark.


Aztec & Fur

Cardigan : Tesco Jeans : Topshop Fur collar : H&M Boots : Topshop (Ambush) Rings : Various.

I got this cardigan with my Tesco vouchers for a bargain of £7.50 instead of £18! It's very warm and as you all must know by now I love a nice aztec print! I think I may be over doing it now though, I'll have a whole wardrobe of stuff and it'll be out of fashion before we know it. I think I'll still wear it though even if it's not 'cool' anymore as it's just so pretty!

I haven't taken off my Ambush boots since I got them almost 2 weeks ago and I don't think they will ever be something I put away and forget about! They really do go with everything and are super comfy!

My hair actually looks ok in these pics, I've been having a serious bad hair day for months now, it gets SO knotty and I'm not too keen on the ombre anymore, sometimes I think it looks rubbish! Anyone have any tips or products for knotty hair?

I really wanted to post my birthday outfit for you all but the photos didn't turn out so well, it was dark and raining when we went out and my mum doesn't take too kindly to taking endless pics of my outfits so they are all blurry unfortunately. But all I wore was my ASOS aztec dress, leather jacket, black tights and Ambush boots.

That's enough from me for tonight anyway folks. Thanks to everyone who is following me, I've just reached 40 now so hopefully I can reach my target of 50 by the end of the month? Leave a link to your blogs and I'll check them out, I love reading new blogs! xx


Night out

Please excuse the rubbishness of these photos, they were taken in a rush in my very messy, extremely small bedroom with flash. I hate using flash. This is the outfit I wore tonight just to go to the local pub to see my boyfriend's band. I really love the leather jackets with the fur trim that are around at the moment but I don't need a new leather jacket so I just teamed mine with my H&M fur stole to get the same look.

Jacket - New Look
Fur stole - H&M (last year)
Leggings - ebay
Boots - Topshop (Ambush)
Top - Primark

Just a quick post tonight, it's almost 1am, I'm sat in bed with my MacBook waiting for my boyfriend to get home, he always takes ages packing away at gigs so I usually go home before him. I can't sleep until he's home so what better time to update my blog?!

And to finish off, a cute photo of me and my little sister....She's a bit furry!!

Night night!!


double jumpers.

I really can't take this aztec dress off. I've been to Nottingham today, I thought wearing this dress with a jumper over the top was gonna be enough, it was pretty warm when I left the house. Of course it was freeeeeezing in the city, wish I'd worn a coat! The annoying thing at this time of year is that it's freezing outside and far too hot in the shops. I didn't find much to buy, I got a rust beanie from Primark and also found a glitter Reindeer which I wanted last year, it's turquoise so it will be perfect in my dining room this Christmas and was a bargain £4!!

Dress - Vero Moda @ ASOS
Jumper - H&M
Boots - Topshop
Scarf- H&M (very old)

I'm wearing my beloved Ambush boots from Topshop which are so comfy and go with absolutely everything. I would usually never spend £75 on a pair of boots, I'm a big bargain hunter (or a cheap skate maybe) but these were SO worth the money and I'm very glad I got them. Unfortunately one of the boots was on display and you can see where the shoe holder has been inside it which is annoying. I really don't think they should sell shoes that have been on display, they always look older than the one in the box.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it was my birthday a few days ago and my boyfriend got me an Eternity ring which we went to pick up on Wednesday. I love it SO much, it's perfect! Here it is!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Liebster Blog Award.

Helloooo again! It seems I'm really getting into this blogging lark! I would like to say hello to all my new followers, please say hello and I'll check out your blog! Would love to have 50+ followers by the end of the year (yes it's not alot compared to alot of bloggers but it's baby steps, who knows I may get an influx of followers soon!!) I really appreciate all the comments I get on my posts.

I would like to also say a big thanks to Amy at The Little Magpie for putting me in her top 5 blogs, my first award!! It means alot that people like my blog!! Please check out her lovely blog, she has great style!

Soooo, my turn. My top 4 blogs in no order are....


Be sure to check out the above blogs, they are all fantastic!

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Dear bloggers: The aim of this award is, to make unknown, but good blogs more famous. So please,don't award people who have already 3000 followers to make sure that talented beginners and guys who are already blogging for a while, but aren't so famous yet, have a chance! xoxox



Hey guys! Today is my 25th birthday, wow where did the time go?!

Amongst other things I got the lovely Revlon Facets of Fuchsia nail varnish I've had my eye on for ages! It's a gorgeous black with fuchsia glitter, perfect for the Christmas season!! I love a bit of glitter and a bit of black so I'm really pleased with this!

It's very thin in consistency so it needs a good 3 coats to get it the colour of the bottle but it's lovely when finished! I'll be sporting this over the coming months!

Today I went out for a lovely meal with the family and my boyfriend. Here are a few pics. Excuse the crappy quality they were only taken on my iPhone!

I get my eternity ring on Friday from my boyfriend, can't wait!



Wish List

I've spent quite a bit of money on clothes lately so I'm not planning on buying much else (not planning but I probably will end up doing so!!) but I still have a few things on my wish list!

Leather shorts : £14.99 H&M
Rust beanie : £14 Topshop
Snowflake cardigan : £65 Topshop
Coating skinny zip jeans : £45 River Island
Tshirt : £18 River Island

I think all these items would look good mixed and matched together along with my new Ambush boots from Topsohp. Yes I splashed out on Friday and finally got them and I'm very happy with them, they are amazing! If anyone knows where I can get a rust beanie for less than £14 please let me know! I've looked everywhere!!

It's my birthday tomorrow so I'll be sure to take some outfit pics before we go out for dinner!!

Heather xox


Aztec Dress

Dress: Vero Moda. Cardigan: Primark. Hat: Ebay. Shoes: Tesco. Rings: Topshop, ebay, markets, gifts, Primark.

I fell in love with this dress after seeing it on the ultra stylish Nicola Claire. It's a fab dress, I have to say. I'm planning on wearing it on my birthday on Monday. It's very versatile, it looks fab on it's own but is also great for layering. I love it cos it's fitted but not too tight so it doesn't make my bum look big! I find that this sort of dress is the only style I can look good in as I'm so short, anything with flare will make me look really young and I already get people thinking I'm under 18 as it is! I'm 25 on Monday!!

I've also decided I need some new shoes/boots. I'm thinking either the Ambush ones from Topshop in black as I know I'll never take them off or some platform boots with a pretty high heel as I'm sick of being small! So far my online searching hasn't come up with much, point me in the direction of some nice block heel platform ankle boots guys, I'm desperate!!

I'm going shopping on Friday with my boyfriend and he's buying me an eternity ring for my birthday, I'm very excited! Hopefully I'll also come home with some new items to showcase. I'm planning on some leather trousers/jeans/leggings. I ordered some from H&M but they were about 5inches too long for me so I ended up sending them back :( Why do shops only cater for hugely tall people? In reality most people are pretty short, so it doesn't make much sense!

Anyway that's enough from me for now. I'll speak to you all soon!