Look Of The Day.

This is actually a look from last autumn that I've just found on my laptop which I forgot to upload to Lookbook!

Dress - Primark
Jacket - New Look

Feel free to hype!

Tribal Trend

Hey guys!
Another day, another post from me! I'm actually loving blogging at the moment! Today's post is about one of my favourite trends this season, TRIBAL!

Native American / Tribal / Aztec Trend S/S 2011.

Missoni s/s 11

There are alot of Tribal, Aztec & Native American inspired items around at the moment which I must say, I'm absolutely loving! The shops are filled with beautiful Aztec patterns, bright, clashing colours and stunning jewellery. Of course this trend also incorporates the brights trend so you're killing two birds with one stone with this. I'm definately going to pick up some tribal pieces sometime soon. Primark have a few Aztec print scarfs in at the moment, I've seen a few tops in various other shops and a lot of jewellery. Being a complete jewellery addict, I think it'll be the rings I'll be mainly going for. I have so many rings, I find ones I forgot about almost daily! But I don't think there is such a thing as 'too many rings'!!

I've found quite a few pictures of aztec nails around the net. I'd love to do this but my nails are pretty rubbish and I'd have no idea about doing nail art on myself!

Here are a few photos I found around the net to inspire us!

Until next time...
Heather xxx


Whats in my bag?

I've seen this post on a few blogs and on a few YouTube channels and I'm always interested (or nosey!) to see what people have in their bags. I'm sure no one is really interested in whats in my bag but here it is anyway!

So this is my current bag...I've wanted a cream bag for ages and I love this one from River Island.

And I have all of this inside!

iPhone - my beloved! Don't know what I'd do without an iPhone.
Purse - Urban Outfitters
2011 Diary
Glasses case
MAC Lipsticks - Costa Chic & Chatterbox
Liz Earle Superbalm
Liz Earle Spot On spot stick (I've developed a whole load of spots recently so I can't live without this!)
Sleek Pout Polish in Electro Peach
Carmex lipbalm
Keys - my house key and my boyfriends house key - with lots of keyrings from Paris & Finland plus my Tesco Clubcard.
Bourjois pressed powder
MAC lipbrush
Collection 2000 big fake lash (I don't like this mascara so I keep it in my bag for if I need it and I don't have my make up bag with me!)
Business cards from moo.com
Make Up Forever aqua eyes black eyeliner

Whats in your bag?!

Heather x



Hey everyone!
Just a little post from me to say hello to my new followers. Yes all 4 of you! I appreciate all my followers and I hope the number will rise soon! Thanks for following!

I've been shopping today and picked up a few things...a floaty blouse, a couple of bracelets and a new pair of sunglasses. Will take photos tomorrow! I also ended up in a minor bus crash on the way home, hurt my knee and my thumb! Not a great day as I've just nearly electrocuted myself plugging in my laptop! I don't think it's my day today!

I didn't get any outfit pictures today. But I'm hoping to get a remote control for my camera soon so I'll be posting more!

I've just discovered the Forever 21 website...well I did have a look a few months ago and didn't find anything I liked but there are quite a few things this season that I fancy.

Absolutely love this cardigan

And lots more! Will add this to my wishlist!

See you tomorrow!
Heather xx


Look Of The Day.

I'm off out tonight with my boyfriend for a drink and this is what I'm wearing.

Coral blouse - New Look
Black vest - ASOS
Jeans - Tesco
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - River Island
Jewellery - H&M, Dorothy Perkins, ASDA, Topshop, M&S, New Look.

I'm really loving floaty sheer fabrics at the moment. I'm going shopping tomorrow and hoping to pick up some more floaty things for the summer. Also loving clashing colours so I love this coral blouse with the mint belt!

Please excuse the poor pictures, it's getting dark outside and my mum isn't great with an SLR!!


Designer Spotlight : Balmain

Balmain is one of my favourite designers at the moment. I fall in love with quite a few pieces from each collection every season. I've seen quite a few people online saying Balmain is 'trashy' and 'trying too hard' but personally I love it and if I was lucky enough to be a designer it's pretty much what I would design. It's no secret that I love all things rock n roll, hence the title of my blog so Balmain is like a dream to me. The detailing is just stunning. I don't love all the pieces, some of the trousers I do think are a little tacky but the jackets are to die for.

The red jacket pictured below right is one of my favourites. I think it would look great teamed with black skinnies and heels. I think the key to these items is to wear something plain with them so the detail stands out even more.

Balmain has inspired me to pick up some studs and spikes from ebay and get customising. Although I'm too scared to do it to my leather jacket, I'm doing it to an old black blazer I never wear!

Thoughts on Balmain?


Look Of The Day.

Sheer blouse from www.neverfullydressed.co.uk, vest from Topshop, Shorts from Topshop, tights from Lindex, boots from Dorothy Perkins and customised by me!

My favourite blouse at the moment.


Look Of The Day.

Sheer blouse from www.neverfullydressed.co.uk

I love this blouse and it cost a fortune (to me anyway) and yesturday whilst out shopping I got it caught on my mums bracelet and snagged it! So gutted! Luckily there is only a small rip in it but I'm so upset that the one thing I decide to spend a little bit more on I end up ripping!! I'll still be wearing it alot though, it goes with everything!!