Night out

Please excuse the rubbishness of these photos, they were taken in a rush in my very messy, extremely small bedroom with flash. I hate using flash. This is the outfit I wore tonight just to go to the local pub to see my boyfriend's band. I really love the leather jackets with the fur trim that are around at the moment but I don't need a new leather jacket so I just teamed mine with my H&M fur stole to get the same look.

Jacket - New Look
Fur stole - H&M (last year)
Leggings - ebay
Boots - Topshop (Ambush)
Top - Primark

Just a quick post tonight, it's almost 1am, I'm sat in bed with my MacBook waiting for my boyfriend to get home, he always takes ages packing away at gigs so I usually go home before him. I can't sleep until he's home so what better time to update my blog?!

And to finish off, a cute photo of me and my little sister....She's a bit furry!!

Night night!!


  1. The picture of you and your little pup ..... I'M IN LOVE! So cute!

  2. OMG! love your style, and your hair is so pretty :)I'm now following you !

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  3. You look so pretty in these photos, I like them! Nice post!

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  4. You look stunning hun love this outfit, the red really suits you. I love your furry little sister so cute. I want one but my hubbie says no no noooo!

    Happy Monday xxx

  5. wow,amazing photos!


  6. Love the fur stole and your hair and boots!

  7. love this outfit and awww your little dog is so cute what's she called :)? haha i always end up sitting in bed on my mac waiting for my boyfriend to get here too :P xx

  8. You look gorgeous, love those leather leggings ! x


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