Aztec & Fur

Cardigan : Tesco Jeans : Topshop Fur collar : H&M Boots : Topshop (Ambush) Rings : Various.

I got this cardigan with my Tesco vouchers for a bargain of £7.50 instead of £18! It's very warm and as you all must know by now I love a nice aztec print! I think I may be over doing it now though, I'll have a whole wardrobe of stuff and it'll be out of fashion before we know it. I think I'll still wear it though even if it's not 'cool' anymore as it's just so pretty!

I haven't taken off my Ambush boots since I got them almost 2 weeks ago and I don't think they will ever be something I put away and forget about! They really do go with everything and are super comfy!

My hair actually looks ok in these pics, I've been having a serious bad hair day for months now, it gets SO knotty and I'm not too keen on the ombre anymore, sometimes I think it looks rubbish! Anyone have any tips or products for knotty hair?

I really wanted to post my birthday outfit for you all but the photos didn't turn out so well, it was dark and raining when we went out and my mum doesn't take too kindly to taking endless pics of my outfits so they are all blurry unfortunately. But all I wore was my ASOS aztec dress, leather jacket, black tights and Ambush boots.

That's enough from me for tonight anyway folks. Thanks to everyone who is following me, I've just reached 40 now so hopefully I can reach my target of 50 by the end of the month? Leave a link to your blogs and I'll check them out, I love reading new blogs! xx


  1. love your outfit! this whole look rocks, especially your jacket!


  2. Those boots are gorgeous! I've been eyeing that style up for a while now but i'm not sure how i'd fare with a heel, not often i wear heels and def not on a day to day basis. Would you recommend?

  3. Lovely location! Thse boots are great too.. i am like you i´m obsessed with my comfy boots and i wear them everywhere everyday!!!


  4. Love this cardigan. Just found your blog, you have great style. x

  5. gorgeous rings !


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