Room Tour

Yesturday I had a spring clean of my bedroom. It's usually a complete mess with clothes thrown everywhere so I thought I'd make it look like a proper bedroom. I never actually sleep in my bed, I stay at my boyfriend's house every night so I use my bed as a wardrobe most of the time. I thought I'd take some photos of my newly clean and tidy bedroom for my blog. You may or may not be interested in seeing my bedroom but I quite like seeing other people's room's, it gives me inspiration for mine, so if you have a post about your room in your blog, comment with the link!

Wallpaper : B&Q
Jewellery hanger : ASOS
Drawers : Ikea

Lets see how long it is until it's a mess again!!


  1. Oh how lovely. I love your wallpaper. And the necklace holder. I must me one like that ;)

  2. i aslo love your wallpaper!!!!! maybe beacuse i have a simple and bored allwhite appartment and i´m getinng tired of it! hhaha


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