iPhone 4 Photos

About a month ago I decided to take the plunge and upgrage my old cracked, scratched & much loved iPhone 3G with a beautiful iPhone 4 in white. I'm glad I did, it is an amazing phone. Being a photographer I am already obsessed with taking photos at every opportunity but with my iPhone 4 I seem to be even more into taking pics of anything and everything. I like to capture every moment! The iPhone 4's camera is really good. 5mp isn't that great but with it's autofocus and it's backlit sensor it takes some fab pictures. I am a little bit addicted to photo editing apps as well so there is endless hours of fun messing around with photos and making the most boring scene look pretty!

Here are a few of my photos since I got it. This is a very small selection. I have infact taken over 300 photos in a month! A little bit silly maybe? Nah!!

1. My little doggy peeping around the corner. 2. The park at the back of my house. 3. A rainy summer's day. 4. Just me. 5. Me & my boyfriend at the park. 6. Nottingham city centre. 7. Me & my friend Sammy. 8. Just me again in Nottingham.

Apps used : ProCamera, Camera+, iDarkroom, Instagram, Filterstorm, Hipstamatic.

So anyone that's thinking of getting an iPhone 4, I say go for it, I wouldn't be without mine!!

More photos coming next month xox

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