New Hat

Jumper : Forever 21
Coat : Topshop (old)
Fur : H&M
Boots : Topshop
Hat : Dorothy Perkins
Necklace : Topman

I took my doggy a walk today with my mum on the park behind our house and I got her to take some pics of me, I love the snow and have to have pics every time it snows!! My dog also loves the snow, she's nearly 15 and still runs around like a puppy, bless her!

I got my new hat in the sale in Dorothy Perkins, reduced from £19.50 to a mere £5, of course I had to have it! I absolutely love it although I won't get much wear out of it living in Mansfield, the town of chavs (as seen on Coppers on tv if anyone has seen it and the home of the Euromillions winners!) but nevermind. It goes so well with my Forever 21 jumper I got back in the summer in Dublin.

My dad is making 'healthy ice cream' from Jamie Oliver's cookbook right now, I can't wait to try it!! It's so easy to make...Fat free natural yoghurt and frozen raspberries (or any other frozen fruit) blended with a food processor. Maybe something more suited to the summer but I won't turn it down!

Right better get back to work....!



  1. LOVE the hat. such a damn bargain too. I think when stuffs that cheap you can't say no.!! Ohhhh i had Jamie Olivers fishcakes for dinner and they where amazing...i'm NEVER one to turn down ice cream..
    let us know if it's worth attempting. i LOOOVE cooking


  2. Ohhhh I love your new hat the colour is awesome and what a steal. I love wearing hats esp in the cold and with that awful wind that has been present pretty much most of the winter gone we can wear them without the fear of them blowing off our heads. You should wear it more often this shape really suits you xoxo

  3. I love your hat and adding to that it was such a steal! The colour is beautiful :)

  4. This look is great! The hat matchin the print ;) excelent.

    Ps. I want some icecream now!

  5. Hi Girl, Really love your blog and this post! Especially the hat is amazing!! Keep up the good work girl! Hope you will visit my blog as well. xxxx

  6. such a great blog sweety!!! follow each other? would be great much love <3

  7. new follower. Love the blog. And I also love the black coat. :)

  8. i love this! the colour of the hat matches you perfectly! and the top is stunning, i'm still looking for a similiar one! x

  9. Really great outfit, LOVE the hat!

    Drea xo


  10. Love the hat :)
    And your blog is lovely,follow each other's both with GFC and bloglovin?

    My Blog: http://donttellmewhattoweariwontlisten.blogspot.com

    Kiss Kiss*Bang Bang


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