Rings & Rock!

I am a huge fan of rings. I am never seen without my rings, to me they are a necessity! These are my newest rings that I've been wearing for about a month none stop...

Black ring from Tentative Decisions Ebay
Stack rings from Daisy Jewellery

If you like turquoise, silver, stones etc I definitely think you should check out Tentative Decisions Ebay, I have 2 rings from there and paid £3.99 for them and they do not rust which is amazing! I have rings that cost £15 from Topshop that have gone a horrible colour within a week but these don't at all. She delivers really fast too!

I also recommend Daisy Jewellery, their rings are beautiful and look good on their own or stacked. My brother got the studded on for xmas and I got myself the other to go with it. I would love some more soon!

Rings, rings, rings....

Right I'm off to buy some more rings, see you all soon!!

PS Check out my boyfriend's band's new video on youtube...he's the singer!!


  1. I'm a crazy ring collector as well, that Tentative Decisions shop looks amazing! xx

  2. i am all about rings too! they are my go to accessory! lately I've been super into the rings that go on the top part of your finger! you have to check those out if you haven't yet :)


  3. You have awesome collection of rings ! Love the turquoise stones, I wish for a piece like that for spring. :)

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  4. You have such a rad collection of rings I love the skull ones. I just wish that Topshops rings would not tarnish so quick xoxo

  5. Those are some serious statement rings! Amazing!

  6. I absolute love your rings (:!!! espesh the eye one!

    CMPang x

  7. I ADORE the skull ring! :o



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