I love my parka but it clearly makes me look young as when I went into Dorothy Perkins today (yes I've broken my spending ban oopppps!) the woman who served me was talking to me like I'd just left school. The very same woman just before Christmas thought I was 16. I find this highly irritating! Thats 9 years younger than I actually am! Still I must keep myself warm whether I look like a teenager or not!

This is todays outfit, I just nipped into town to close my Barclays account and to Tesco for some food. Of course I couldn't walk past Costa without having a sneaky gingerbread latte ;)

Parka - Falmers
Tshirt - Primark
Scarf - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Bag - Mischa Barton

Thanks to all my new followers who have joined over the last few days!!


  1. Your parka is awesome. Love your 9 years younger story you should be flattered lol xoxo

  2. Hey chicky, I love your parka, looks fab on you, every girl needs a parka in their life. I have had mine for 6 years still love it. Hey you should be loving people thinking your younger lucky you. I think I should break my shopping ban it is soooo boring not buying treats ha xoxo

  3. your scarf is so perfect hun!

  4. Awsome outfit! I love your boots and the scarf! And your necklace is beautiful!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  5. Your parka is amazing, I love parkas!


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