Outfit of theDay

Hello guys, I'm back! I've been a bit lazy recently with my blog but I'm here now so hello! I hope you're all doing well! It's my fave time of here again and I have a few outfit posts that I've missed so I'll post them up over the next few days! Here's the first one!
Jumper : Primark
Fur : Primark
Jeans : Dorothy Perkins
Hat : Ebay
Shoes : H&M

I dug my flares out a few weeks ago to see how they look and I decided I love them so I'll be wearing them quite alot this Winter, they fit perfectly. I love this jumper from Primark, I actually only bought it to get a bag to put my hat in when I was shopping in the summer as it kept almost blowing off and ended up keeping it! It's a lovely colour.

I'll be back tomorrow with another outfit post. I need to get my mum to take some photos of me on the park at the back of my house, it's lovely. xoxo

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  1. i did the same with my flares ! after years of skinnies its nice to wear something else ! love ho you have styled them
    I would love you to take a peek at my blog


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