I dream of the Winter....

So my boyfriend is away with his band in Boston for the next 2 weeks. I'd usually be at his at night so I'm pretty lost without him and this will be the longest we've been apart for 3 and a half years. I'm at home at the moment and rather bored so I thought I'd post a little blog about my fave time of year. WINTER!

I know the majority of people hate Winter. My boyfriend gets annoyed and depressed as soon as the temperature drops slightly. I'm the complete opposite. The other day I swapped over my wardrobe to my Autumn/Winter gear and it's only a few days into September! I've always hated the summer. I hate being hot & I hate wasps & bees. I feel like I can dress so much better in the cold as well... you can't beat a chunky knit cardigan and a big scarf!

Autumn is a stunning time of year, the colours are so gorgeous. Orange is one of my favourite colours anyway. I absolutely love long walks through the Autumn leaves with my boyfriend (although he moans about the cold constantly!) and my doggy. I live near Sherwood Forest so I'm very close to lots of forests, perfect for taking photos of the gorgeous seasonal changes!

Winter can be so magical esp when it snows. It can make even the ugliest of places look like something out of a fairytale. I transform into a big kid when it snows. I put on my hat, fur coat and a big scarf and go out straight away to take photos. There's a park at the back of my house and when it snowed earlier this year, the snow was so heavy it bought down some of the branches of the trees creating a gorgeous archway of amazingness! It was so magical. I took my dog out for a walk, she's fascinated by the snow and ends up with snow on her nose. So cute! I honestly don't know how anyone can look at the snow and not think it's beautiful. One of my favourite things in the world is sunlight on snow esp late in the day when the sun is going down and it gives it a blue tint. Seriously amazing!

As a photographer I'm always after good light for shoots and the Autumn & Winter (when it's not dull) has the most beautiful light for photos by far. The sun is just the right brightness and pretty low so I can get some beautiful light in the background and some gorgeous lens flare. I adore dreamy looking photos and I'm definately going to be planning some shoots for when the leaves turn!

I honestly can't wait for it to get cold so I can wear my new clothes I've bought! Got some lovely things to take photos of! I've also dug out my flares which I'll be wearing this season, they make me look taller which can only be a good thing!


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