Tribal Trend

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Another day, another post from me! I'm actually loving blogging at the moment! Today's post is about one of my favourite trends this season, TRIBAL!

Native American / Tribal / Aztec Trend S/S 2011.

Missoni s/s 11

There are alot of Tribal, Aztec & Native American inspired items around at the moment which I must say, I'm absolutely loving! The shops are filled with beautiful Aztec patterns, bright, clashing colours and stunning jewellery. Of course this trend also incorporates the brights trend so you're killing two birds with one stone with this. I'm definately going to pick up some tribal pieces sometime soon. Primark have a few Aztec print scarfs in at the moment, I've seen a few tops in various other shops and a lot of jewellery. Being a complete jewellery addict, I think it'll be the rings I'll be mainly going for. I have so many rings, I find ones I forgot about almost daily! But I don't think there is such a thing as 'too many rings'!!

I've found quite a few pictures of aztec nails around the net. I'd love to do this but my nails are pretty rubbish and I'd have no idea about doing nail art on myself!

Here are a few photos I found around the net to inspire us!

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