Hey everyone!
Just a little post from me to say hello to my new followers. Yes all 4 of you! I appreciate all my followers and I hope the number will rise soon! Thanks for following!

I've been shopping today and picked up a few things...a floaty blouse, a couple of bracelets and a new pair of sunglasses. Will take photos tomorrow! I also ended up in a minor bus crash on the way home, hurt my knee and my thumb! Not a great day as I've just nearly electrocuted myself plugging in my laptop! I don't think it's my day today!

I didn't get any outfit pictures today. But I'm hoping to get a remote control for my camera soon so I'll be posting more!

I've just discovered the Forever 21 website...well I did have a look a few months ago and didn't find anything I liked but there are quite a few things this season that I fancy.

Absolutely love this cardigan

And lots more! Will add this to my wishlist!

See you tomorrow!
Heather xx

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  1. no worries!
    i'm new to the blogging thing too :)
    it's a wicked blog! the followers number should rise in no time :D!


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