Cosy Jumper

Jumper - Primark
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Scarf - Primark (old)
Hat - Dorothy Perkins

I got this jumper from Primark last week and I love it. It was £10 and it's so soft and snuggly. I think they have definitely improved their knitwear as a couple of years ago I wouldn't buy it, it was so horrible and this year there are some gems. I finally got the AA disco pants with the help of a nice little 10% ASOS discount code I found flying around the internet. They cost me £63 and I still feel bad about spending that much on one item but they are worth it! They fit beautifully and I love the fabric of them. I have noticed they are pretty thick so good for the colder months!

You may have noticed I have changed my blog name and had a bit of a blog makeover. I got bored of Studs & Lace and thought something a bit more simple would be better.

Yesterday I got the amazing khaki jacket with leather sleeves from Primark for a bargain £25. Its gorgeous, expect to see it in an outfit post very soon!


  1. Your jumper looks so comfy! Perfect for fall & winter :)


  2. I'm going to have to nose at Primark's knits. I'm like you, I've always stayed away as they used to be so scratchy and cheap! This jumper looks fab though, really similar to some I've seen in new look etc for twice the price!


    1. Yeah so glad they've improved the quality without putting the prices up too much!! xx

  3. Love the jumper, it looks like something fro Topshop! I think Primark have improved in their clothes in general, I definitely need to go for a browse soo!

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

  4. I can't believe your jumper's from Primark! I'll definitely have to pop in this weekend.
    Also, your style is gorgeous! The scarf and hat so divinely together.

    www.whatbekkidid.blogspot.com xx

  5. Love this outfit - it's so cute! I'm in dire need of a pair of AA disco pants!

  6. Hello stranger, your are looking stunning. I adore this outfit, in love with your hat!!! Loving the AA pants always tempted to buy them. Thank you for your lovely comment.


  7. The Hat ♡ :) ,you look gorgeous ,great Photos!
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  8. Looks so cozy I love the way you layer! And I really like those leggings :)

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  11. Lovely jumper! It looks amazing on you :)


  12. You are so pretty- I love your hair :)

  13. You look great, love the outfit!


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