Instagram #4

1// me. 2// me and my fluffy sister. 3// outfit. 4// evening summer walks.
5// learning to play guitar again. 6// another outfit. 7// lovely necklace I won. 8// Costa love.
9// cocktails before my boyfriends gig. 10// lovely Nottingham. 11// sunset. 12// hippy feet.

instagram : heatherlouise1986

Hey everyone, heres my latest instagram diary. I am in the middle of packing up my life and will be moving out of my parents house next week to live with my boyfriend so I'm pretty busy at the moment, hence the lack of posts. As soon as I'm settled in at my new place (which isn't that new, I've half lived there for a while!) I'll be back with some outfit posts so stay tuned! Feel free to follow me on instagram!


  1. I love the necklace you won! Love your blog,

    Chloe xo


  2. great insta week!

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