Real Techniques Brush Review!

Something a little different from me today! The weather is rubbish and I've been stuck inside editing photos all week so I'm gonna do a beauty post instead of an outfit post for you!

I've been a fan of Pixiwoo for years, they are by far the best YouTube make up artists and extremely talented ladies so when I heard that Sam was bringing out her own range of make up brushes I was rather excited, being a make up artist myself and also a make up addict who loves a good brush or 2 (or more like 40 haha!)

I oringally bought the Starter Set (above) when they first came out and I use 2 of the brushes everyday and swear by them! I use the Base Shadow Brush as a blending brush for the crease and the Deluxe Crease Brush for blending in concealer. Like many MUA's I often use brushes for something other than what they were meant for and the Deluxe Crease Brush is brilliant for concealer (you can see Pixiwoo using the brush for the same thing). The brushes are very soft on the skin which I love, there's nothing worse than a scratchy brush.

When the brushes became available in Boots I squealed a little with excitement and went and got the Core Collection (above). I'd heard a lot of good reviews of the Buffing Brush for foundation so I was excited to try it out. Let me tell you, this is what has been missing from my make up bag! The brush is perfect for quick, flawless application of foundation and I can't live without it now! Although the description says it's meant for mineral foundation it works perfectly with liquid and blends your foundation in beautifully. I highly recommend this brush. Unfortunately you can't get it on it's own, only in the Core Collection but the Contour brush in this set is also lovely and I use this for applying highlighter on a daily basis.

Last week I went out and got the Blush Brush (above) which is just gorgeous. The bristles are seriously soft and a dream to use on your skin. This brush applies a lovely amount of blusher and you could also use it for powder.

In short I highly recommend these brushes, they are amazing quality and so affordable. I love having nice brushes for myself as I have over 50 brushes in my kit for clients that I don't use on myself all of which are from MAC and other expensive brands and up until now I've always had rubbish brushes myself, not anymore thanks to Real Techniques! I would go as far as to say I actually like these better than MAC brushes and as we all know MAC is even more expensive now. I may get a few of these for my kit as well. If you are looking for new brushes definitely go for these ones! I do wish you could buy them separately though as some that come in the sets don't get used as much as the others.


  1. i've just bought the foundation brush and can't wait to use it, they sound amazing :) xo

  2. great review! these sounds really nice...unfortunately i don't think i can get them in the u.s. : (


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