Hello from Dublin!

Hey everyone!! I'm currently on a little break with my boyfriend in Dublin! It's a lovely place. I'm very impressed with the shops of course. Primark (or Penneys as it's called in Ireland) is so much nicer here than in England. I picked up a lovely Aztec print bracelet and an oversized leopard print scarf. But I was saving my money for my new favourite shop... Forever 21!! I didn't realise there was one in Dublin so I was a little excited when I spotted it! It's on 3 floors and full of gorgeous things! It's a little more expensive than Primark but way better quality. I bought a jumper and a Tshirt. Pic below

Tshirt was €12.75 and jumper was €17.75!

I'll definitely be buying more online now I know the quality is so nice!

Here's a couple of pics of Dublin!

See you all soon!!

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  1. I love your looks... i think you have an amazing blog...

    ♥ http://street-chic-blahhhhh.blogspot.com/


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