Hey guys!
It's been a few days since I blogged, I do apologise. The weather hasn't been great in England & I've had the flu all week so I haven't taken any outfit photos unfortunately! I will get some done this week I promise!

Yesturday I went shopping and picked up some fab little bargains. I'm totally addicted to the aztec/native american trend and I managed to find quite a few pieces to feed my addiction to that!

I went into a shop that has been there for years but I've never really taken any notice of it. I went in to discover about 2000 dreamcatchers hanging from the ceiling. I was in heaven! It was difficult to pick one but in the end I got a little black one with brown feathers for my bag. It was only £2. I think I'm going to get a few more next time I go and kit out my bedroom at the boyfriends house with them. Or maybe just one!

Primark didn't let me down again. I got some gorgeous heeled tan gladiator sandals for £10 in the sale. They are stunning and look really expensive! I also picked up a chunky bright coloured necklace which is going to look perfect with my maxi dress in the sumnmer. I nearly got myself a floppy hat for £4 but I decided against it as I wanted a black felt one instead. Shame I haven't come across one for less than £18 yet. If anyone has seen one for less than £10 anywhere please let me know, I am desperate to get one for the summer but don't want to spend lots on one!

Very very happy with my new ring from H&M for £3.99 (on the middle finger in the collage below). They have some seriously lovely stuff in there at the moment.

The little plaited, feathery thing you see was a result of my boredom the other night. I love making things when I'm in the mood for it! I am tassling a long vest tomorrow!

Until next time...

Hez x

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