Recent Purchases

I was going to do this post a few days ago but didn't get round to taking pics. Here is it anyway, my recent spring/summer buys!

Bracelets - all from H&M except the one with flowers which is from Next!

Kimono - Primark

Top - H&M

Sheer blouse - www.neverfullydressed.co.uk

Crop Top - Primark

Orange wedges - H&M

Ring - Dorothy Perkins. Belt/Headband - Primark

I'm pretty happy with all these things and can't wait to wear them in the summer!

I'll be back in a few days with an outfit post, see you then!
Heather xxx


  1. OMG i have been looking for that kimono for so long my sister really wants it and i said i would buy her it and then never found it in any of my near primarks :(

  2. Aww its in my local one and I've seen it in Nottingham and Sheffield.

  3. ooo! I like all of your purchases.. Cute accessories especially!



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