Look Of The Day.

A couple of days old but I've not had a chance to blog it yet! Just a casual outfit I wore to Sherwood Forest with my little cousins the other day. The picture on the right was taken in a dead part of the forest which had a creepy atmosphere, I loved it! I think the frost must have killed all the trees in that part!

Top - H&M
Cardigan - M&S
Jeans - Tesco
Bag - River Island
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses - M&S
Necklace - Ebay

Today I got a bargain plain black maxi dress from Primark for only £11. I've always facied one but thought I was too short as I'm only 5"2 but this one is the perfect length and shape for my size. So happy with it. I will blog it in a couple of days. Also discovered an old broken necklace from years ago which goes perfectly with it and matches my turquoise and silver ring I got from JWLRY so I fixed it! Very pleased!

See you in a few days with a maxi dress update!!

Have a lovely Easter weekend!



  1. That's a fab casual look, and great pic :) Did you use any editing software/sites to do anything to them? as they look awesome :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  2. Thank you :)
    I didn't edit this photo at all :) But my camera is really good (I'm a photographer!) so that will be why. I do use Photoshop but not on this pic!


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