Jumper - H&M
Shirt - New Look
Jacket - New Look
Jeans - Next
Bolo Tie - River Island
Boots - eBay
Ring - Dixi

A post that doesn't include Topshop ambush boots, this is an accomplishment! My feet were pretty cold with no socks on but style came first here! Hopefully you can see this jumper a little better here, it's so pretty in real life but it's hard to capture the sparkle on camera.

This was yesterdays outfit, I had a photoshoot with my favourite model in the snow. Every time it snows I really want to do a shoot but everyone is snowed in, so this year I made sure it happened. Really pleased with the photos. Today I spent the day filming a music video for my boyfriend in the snow. It's the first time I've ever done anything with video before but I've started putting it all together and it looks awesome so I'm looking forward to filmimg some more and finishing it! A music video is something I've wanted to do for ages. I'll show you all on here when it's done!

Right thats enough from me today, thanks to everyone who comments on my posts and follows, I really appreciate it!!


  1. Love this :) The layering is so inventive and the necklace adds a touch of edge!!



  2. love this outfit. great edge.
    New follower! :)


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