Today I went into town...on a Saturday....2 weeks before Christmas. Clearly I am mad as I finished my Christmas shopping last month! But I needed to get a few bits for my best friends wedding which is on Christmas Eve so I had to brave it! I am a bridesmaid & photographer along with my other best friend and I'm so excited! Will definitely post pics to show you all my outfit!

I got this jumper from ASOS a few years ago and I've hardly worn it, I don't know why. It's really warm! I'm obsessed with my fur gillet at the moment, I really want one in black too!

Jumper - ASOS
Fur - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Best boots in the world - Topshop
Scarf - Primark
Hat - Select
I have ordered a few things from the H&M sale so I will be doing a few outfit posts with those when they arrive. Anyone else noticed how bad their delivery is? Last time I ordered something, it took 2 weeks to get here! xoxo


  1. aw christmas eve is such a cute time to get married! it will definitely make the holidays the most magical time of the year for them <3 best wishes to your friends! also i love your outfit, you have such great style!


  2. H&M delivery is painfuly slow. Aw that has got to be magical to get married on christmas eve, especialy if it snows. I love your hat.x

  3. really like the colours in your scarf!
    i really want a pair of the best boots in the world but they only brought the glitter pair over to cyprus and although im not the most practical dresser, id wanna wear them every day and kinda think that glitter will limit my options, sigh...

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  5. Love this hun you look fab and the hat looks stunning on you. xoxo

  6. This jumper is such a lovely colour.. And I love how you've styled it!
    Adore the hat too.. And your blog is super cute.x

  7. love this outfit, its really a wonderful mix of colours xx


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